Swimming Pool Technical Operator

This training is aimed at individuals who have responsibility for the safe operations of swimming pools, and can be completed via:

  • Classroom Learning (face to face)
  • Live Online Learning (zoom and microsoft Teams available)
  • eLearning

Classroom and Online Learning are delivered via face to face learning in a live or virtual classroom setting. Our eLearning courses are online only, tutor supported training, however no live sessions are offered with eLearning courses.

Undertaking the SPTO includes:
• Completing the Live/Classroom Sessions or eLearning Program
• Course Manuals included
• Online Multiple-Choice Exam
• Completion of a Work based assignment

Course Duration: 18 Guided Learning hours

Guided learning hours include time spent participating in Online sessions, completion of the e Learning program and self-learning. It is expected that once commencement of the program has begun, the work-based assignment must be submitted within 6 weeks (unless alternative agreement has been reached)

Courses run during Covid 19 shut downs will still continue, however work based assignments will be deferred until facilities reopen.

Contact us for further information

Course Content

A number of subjects will be covered through the SPTO program including:

  • Management requirements
  • Training
  • Health and Safety
  • Filtration
  • Circulation
  • Pollution
  • Primary Disinfection
  • Secondary Disinfection
  • Microbiological Standards
  • Coagulant/Flocculant

And much more.