Pool Plant Courses

BRIO Group Ltd are leading the way forward in the most current and practical pool plant qualification training available and offer the most extensive range of Pool Plant Qualifications across the UK and Ireland. Our Pool Plant Tutor has in excess of 20yrs experience of managing some of the country’s largest Pool Complexes, and has been delivering Pool Plant courses for over 20yrs both at home and abroad.

BRIO Group Ltd are the first and only organisation to receive accreditation from the Institute of Occupational Safety & Health (IOSH) for a pool plant qualification. It was received for the Onsite Designated Supervisors (ODS) Course which is a practical on site course delivered to a high standard as seen through it’s accreditation by both IOSH and PWTAG.

We deliver courses which are recognised across the UK and Ireland including being White Flag Approved in Ireland, we are also proud that we are accredited by the Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group, who are the standard bearers for swimming pools.

For further details of our courses please read through our brand new website and don’t hesitate to contact us for more details on any courses

Course Title Description Duration Cost Online
Training Option
Introduction to Pool Plant Water Treatment An online introduction for organisations who wish to introduce their team members to pool plant. 4hrs £99 per person
Onsite Designated SupervisorOnsite practical pool plant operators course, which covers all aspects of management of your pool plant rooms2 Days
Swimming Pool Technical Operators Course This program covers all aspects of Pool Plant management and is accredited by the UK Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group.

The SPTO aims to enable candidates to have an understanding of Pools, Spa’s, Interactive Water Features and much more, including good management principles of pool plant operations, water quality management and health and safety requirements
3 Days Public Courses
£345 p/p
Pool Plant Revalidation This program allows you to revalidate existing awards, to the new Swimming Pool Technical Operator Standard.

This course is currently available as an Online Option, and will be available as public courses in 2019.
1 Day or Online option £225.00

All Brio’s Pool Plant training is recognised by the leading industry bodies in Pool Water Quality and Health and Safety and has undergone extensive review to ensure it is of the highest standard. Brio is proud to announce that we are an approved training provider of PWTAG and IOSH