Health & Safety Courses

BRIO offers a range of Health and Safety Programmes across the UK, our Health and Safety Specialist offers courses with his expert knowledge and experience of the Leisure Industry.

Courses include:

Qualification Information
COSHH This accredited qualification is for anyone who is likely to come into contact with hazardous substances within a variety of working environments including: manufacturing, cleaning, healthcare, transport, utilities and office environments. It gives learners the knowledge to recognise the risks associated with hazardous substances and how to control them. Subjects covered include laws relating to hazardous substances in the workplace, risk assessments, safe use of hazardous substances in the workplace, control precautions and procedures for dealing with hazardous substances
Manual Handling This accredited qualification is an introduction to moving and handling activities for those starting work, returning to work or who need specific training in manual handling, as well as being a suitable qualification for refresher training. Learners gaining this qualification will understand that moving and handling must be carried out correctly and will recognise its importance in ensuring a safer working environment. Subjects covered include the reasons for safe manual handling, manual handling risk assessments principles, types ofequipment and testing requirements associated with manual handling safety.
Legionella Management This qualification was developed in conjunction with B & V Water Treatment and is aimed at those either in the role of, or aspiring to be in the role of, Responsible Person relating specifically to the control of legionella on a site. It covers the effects of legionella bacteria on the body and the impact an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease would have on a working site, how to identify and control the risks associated with legionella bacteria, and how legislation and codes of practice can support its control. It is designed to enforce the importance of the Responsible Person with respect to ensuring competence of all operatives on the site
Health and Safety For Supervisors Individuals gaining this qualification will gain a wide range of knowledge of health and safety law, the hazards present in a workplace and how to implement effective and necessary controls. Learners will also be equipped with the skills necessary for the effective supervision of staff. It also focuses on the importance of the health and safety culture of a business, which is an invaluable resource for those taking the qualification
Risk Assessment for Supervisors This qualification is designed for learners with a responsibility for conducting risk assessments. It covers the principles of risk assessment, the relationship between hazard and risk and requires learners to use the knowledge learned on the course by undertaking a risk assessment, therefore laying a foundation for further development as a risk assessor
Management of Swimming Pools for Health and Safety Practitioners This new qualification is designed for Health and Safety Practitioners, who have responsibility for, but do not have direct management responsibilities of Swimming Pools. The course will ensure the Health and Safety Practitioners, are fully up to date with UK Standards including the new UK PWTAG CoP, and will give a real world view of practices undertaken in Swimming Pools, by operators

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