Recent Swimming Pool Incidents UK & Ireland

06 Jun 2016

Within the last 2 months there have been 5 incidents in UK & Ireland of Swimming Pool Accidents, that are public knowledge, which have highlighted the importance of ensuring all Health & Safety Operations and Procedures are correctly in place and up to date to prevent such issues occurring.

The following incidents listed below, can occur in ANY centre that has not correctly assessed it’s risks, put in place up to date NOP’s, EAP’s, Staff training, and that any potential hazards identified are not addressed.

Case 1:  May 2016 – Cocks More Leisure Centre closed due to Cryptosporidium Outbreak:

Case 2: May 2016 – Castleton Swimming Pool was closed for 2 weeks, due to Legionella found at the pool

Case 3: May 2016 – Chemical reaction at Swimming Pool Plant Room, hospitalises 8 Children & 2 Teachers attending swimming lessons

Case 4: April 2016 –  130 people were evacuated from a Leisure Centre, when dangerous chemicals were accidentally mixed together

Case 5: April 2016 – Irish Waterpark was closed when visitors were taken ill by mixture of chemical fumes and high levels of pollution

Unfortunately when these incidents have already occurred, it becomes a case of damage limitation with the facility suffering loss of income from immediate closures, any repairs required, possible sanctioned penalties, claims,  and the long term reputational damage.

If correct procedures are proven to be in place, staff correctly trained and risk’s highlighted dealt with accordingly, it will prevent or reduce many of the above occurring.

In February 2016, H&S penalties were increased, and the operator/manager of the facilities is under more pressure to ensure all possible risks are addressed.

BRIO Group specialise in all aspects of Health & Safety Training & Services For Leisure & Aquatic Facilities.  BRIO work with clients in cooperation with HSA in Rep of Ireland and undertake investigations of accidents which have occurred in UK,  and have extensive experience of what your centre requires in appropriate risk assessment, policy and procedures.

BRIO provide specialised Health & Safety Accredited Operational Courses.