Swimming Pool Technical Operators Course awarded IOSH Accreditation

05 Aug 2016

The Swimming Pool Technical Operator (SPTO) Course, which is the 3 Day Pool Plant Qualification developed by BRIO Group  last year and accredited by PWTAG, has now been officially accredited by IOSH. This is the second Pool Plant Course to be accredited by IOSH, and shows the level of Health & Safety information and teaching within the course syllabus which is essential for Pool Operators nowadays.

The Onsite Designated Supervisors (ODS) course was first to be accredited, by IOSH & PWTAG and is the 2 day onsite practical qualification, and has been a huge success since it came on the market last September. It has been booked out across the UK and Ireland, and the SPTO is set for the same success.

Health & Safety of Swimming & Spa Pool Operations have been sorely overlooked in many centres, and with the emphasis on the Pool Operators or Owners to ensure their pool is run to the latest industry standards, that their employees are fully trained and operational to run the pool safely, these courses ensure that high standards are met, by independent, experienced tutors, and in keeping with latest industry guidelines.

BRIO Group are the only providers and licenced company to offer these IOSH accredited courses, and full details of them can be found at or by contacting .