Spa Pool Risk Assessment

Are your spa pools operating in compliance with industry guidelines? A Spa Pool Risk Assessment can ensure you are fully compliant and up to date with latest Guidelines.

Did you know there is a new HSG guide called HSG 282 the Control of Legionella and other infectious agents in Spa Pools Systems about to be released?

The overriding theme of the new HSG 282 is to undertake risk assessments in regards to the Operations and Water Quality of Spa Pools, with specific emphasis on ensuring Legionella and other bacterial risks are controlled and minimised.

BRIO can assist in ensuring you are compliant with HSG 282, as we are specialists in Swimming Pool and Spa Pool operations and are certified legionella risk assessors.

BRIO will be able to undertake a comprehensive review of your Spa Pool operations and installation to ensure you are free of risks associated with your Spa pool and that your operational standards are fully compliant.

***Did you know***

That you do not have to change your Spa Pool sand every 2yrs

That you must disinfect your air lines within the Spa pool air injection system

BRIO can ensure all aspects of operation are correct and that your Spa Pools are compliant with these new guidelines.