Policies and Procedures

Put simply, a policy is a statement that you are maintaining the required level of health and safety in the workplace; this should include the procedures (tasks, responsibilities, rules etc.) you have in place to achieve this. Typical health and safety policy and procedures should include:

  • The risks present in your workplace: are you aware of the risks? Are you monitoring them and reducing them wherever possible? Are your staff informed and updated on potential hazards and risks in the workplace?
  • How you are managing any hazardous substances, equipment or machinery? Are your staff informed, educated and trained in these areas?
  • The actions required to minimise these risks: are you doing the best you can to ensure all risks are managed and minimized?
  • Whose responsibility it is to ensure these actions are taken? What are your reporting lines and  management structure when it comes to health & safety?
  • Who records and monitors incidents and tasks? Do you have clear monitoring systems in place?
  • What happens in case of emergencies? What happens if the worst happens?

How can we help your business?

Brio can draw up a bespoke health and safety policy for your workplace, whether it be a specific area of your workplace such as a Pool Plant Room, or your whole facility.

We can offer a comprehensive range of policies and procedures such as:

  • Procedures for a strategic health and safety management approach and the specific health and safety policy for the organisation.
  • The health and safety arrangements for specific health and safety hazards e.g. accidents, permits to work, stress.
  • Example detailed service area health and safety arrangements/normal operating procedures, specific operating procedures can be implemented
  • A procedure on ensuring documentation is kept up-to-date.

To discuss your policies and procedures requirements please contact us here