Entrapment Hazard Testing

BRIO Group Ltd offer our specialist health and safety testing service to swimming pools and spas across the UK and Ireland.

Did you know that HSG179 Managing Health and Safety in Swimming Pools and BS EN13451 requires all swimming pool operators to ensure that there are no risks of danger from the inlets and outlets of swimming pools and spas?

  • Inlets and Outlets should be designed to prevent limbs and fingers getting trapped
  • Undue suction should not be created, which could result in a body being held against a grille, and there should be no exposed sharp edges. This is particularly important in areas of moving water
  • Where Spa Pools are installed particular attention should be given to ensure users are not harmed by the water/air flow inlets and that body parts or hair are not caught by suction outlets
  • The main hazards associated with pool water treatment systems include: risks to bathers from poor hydraulic design, eg inlets and outlets of unsafe design and operating at pressures where suction from outlets or the buffeting from inlets can result in a hazard to bathers.

BRIO Group are founder members of the Swimming Pool Entrapment Hazard Prevention Group, which more details can be found online at https://www.facebook.com/spehp/ .

Taking a proactive approach to health and safety, saves lives, and BRIO Group can assist you in ensuring your Pool and Spa outlets are not a hazards to the users of the facilities.

Testing Services

BRIO Group are the only UK and Irish Company to offer the following Health and Safety Tests, for the UK and Irish Leisure Industry.

  • Hair Entanglement Testing
  • Suction Entrapment Testing
  • Noise Level Assessment and Monitoring

Hair Entrapment Testing

BRIO Group are the only company who are able to carry out the Hair Entrapment Tests as per PWTAG and BSEN13451-3 standards. We are able to measure the safety of outlets within your pools and spas to ensure the safety of swimmers with long hair is not placed in danger.

Suction Entrapment Testing

There is a risk of entrapment present when a swimmer blocks the drain cover of a pool outlet, and are exposed to a negative gauge pressure (vacuum). How high this negative gauge pressure is depends on several factors: the number of outlets in the circulation system, the number of pumps and their position relative to the pool, the flow rate of water at various locations in the pipe system and the distances the water travels through pipes between the suction intakes and the pumps. BRIO Group are able to measure the pressure that these outlets will generate, and are able to determine if there are any risks of entrapment. BRIO Group are able to offer this service to leisure facilities across the UK and Ireland, our test is fully compliant with:

  • Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group, CoP 2015
  • EU standard EN13451-3