Annual H&S Reviews

All business have a number of annual health and safety matters which require managing, for example fire risk assessments are required to be reviewed annually as stated in the fire regulations.

We also have a number of other regulations and approved codes of practice, which also require managing and undertaking these tasks can involve multiple companies, days and employee time.

Monitoring and reporting are important parts of health and safety arrangements. Management systems allow organisations to receive both specific (eg incident-led) and routine reports on the performance of health and safety policy.

  • Measuring performance
    • Make sure that your plans have been implemented – ‘paperwork’ on its own is not a good performance measure
    • Assess how well the risks are being controlled and if you are achieving your aims. In some circumstances formal audits may be useful  
  • Investigating accidents and incidents
    • Investigate the causes of accidents, incidents or near misses

Services Available

  • Fire Risk Assessment/Reviews
  • Legionella Risk Assessment/Reviews
  • Risk Assessment Reviews
  • Accident/Incident Reviews

To avail of any of the above services please don’t hesitate to contact us

Annual Audit Service 2021-22

An extensive health and safety service, which can meet all of your annual health and safety needs for one simply price, reducing your costs and time.

Our Annual Audit includes:

  • Review of Risk Assessments
  • Review of Standard Operating procedures
  • Facility Inspection
  • Records Review including incident/accident reports
  • Fire Risk Assessment Review
  • Legionella Risk Assessment Review

We are now accepting bookings for assessments, click here to contact us today to discuss your requirements