Leisure Health & Safety Seminar

28 Jun 2016

The Leisure Health & Safety Seminar held at the Glenroyal Hotel, was booked out, and received very positive feedback. The Panel of Experts were very well received, and topics relevant to today’s Industry.

The day began with Robert Byrne, BRIO Group, speaking about Pool Plant Operations, and the importance of ensuring Operational Policies & Risk Management of Swimming Pool Plant Rooms, as well as General Pool safety such as Lifeguard necessity.

Richard Lamburn, Consultant, Former STA Technical Manager, continued by speaking about the risk of Legionella & Other Infectious Diseases that can occur in Swimming & Spa Pools. He highlighted that swimming & spa pools are the ideal breeding ground for Legionella Pneumophila and the importance of maintaining hygiene & disinfection standards to prevent legionella occurring.

After lunch, Mark Bagnall, Health, Safety & Environmental Officer for Nuffield Health, discussed the Health & Safety issues Nuffield have come across while operating 77 Health Clubs across the UK, and how they put in place a strategic analysis of policies & procedures to ensure each club meets their high Health & Safety standards.  Mark said having acquired 35 new clubs as from 1st August 2016, Nuffield will become the 2nd largest Health Club chain in the UK.

Ralph Riley, Vice Chairman of PWTAG, Director Swimathon, UK Expert EN Swimming Pools & Fitness, completed the day’s seminar, speaking about current Industry standards in place, new guidelines & standards that will come into effect shortly, and the importance of working to these standards, even if they are not currently enforced by law. Guidelines offer the most up to date and best practise for any centre and the future of Health & Safety within the Leisure Industry, which will become more enforced in the coming years. With emphasis on operators being proactive to ensure they maintain high standards.

Feedback from the seminar has been excellent, with people requesting another seminar at a later date.

For any further information on the seminar’s content or BRIO Group please contact or 028 79300561 (048 ROI)