Pool Health & Safety

BRIO have over 20 years experience in the management of Health & Safety in the Leisure Industry. We are involved in the development of Occupational Standards, and Codes of Practices through our work with the UK’s leading organisations in Pool Plant & leisure Facility Operations. BRIO can assist you in ensuring you operate to the highest standards of health & Safety, thorough our support service.

As part of our support service we offer your employees will be able to contact BRIO Group Ltd to discuss any Health and Safety related matter. Whether that be for accident prevention, accident follow up, water quality issues, summer scheme management and/or the development of New Working Procedures and Practices, our expert advice will be on hand to offer confidential advice and support.

Health & Safety services

  • H&S Audit: – This provides a full review of facility Health and Safety Management and is suitable for All Pools & Dry Sites, from Spas to Full Leisure Centres.
  • Risk Assessments: –
  • Health & Safety Testing: – This includes specialised tests such as Hair & Limb Entrapment Hazards & Noise Assessment for Pools.
  • An ongoing review of facility Health and Safety Management is available. For more details please contact BRIO.
  • Water Quality Audits: –  Specific review of Swimming Pool Water standards in comparison to determined Operating Standards and National Standards of Best Practice.
  • Legionella Risk Assessments: –

BRIO Group Ltd offer our specialist health and safety testing service to swimming pools and spas across the UK and Ireland.

For example – Did you know that HSG179 Managing Health and Safety in Swimming Pools and BS EN13451 requires all swimming pool operators to ensure that there are no risks of danger from the inlets and outlets of swimming pools and spas?

  • Inlets and Outlets should be designed to prevent limbs and fingers getting trapped
  • Undue suction should not be created, which could result in a body being held against a grille, and there should be no exposed sharp edges. This is particularly important in areas of moving water
  • Where Spa Pools are installed particular attention should be given to ensure users are not harmed by the water/air flow inlets and that body parts or hair are not caught by suction outlets
  • The main hazards associated with pool water treatment systems include: risks to bathers from poor hydraulic design, eg inlets and outlets of unsafe design and operating at pressures where suction from outlets or the buffeting from inlets can result in a hazard to bathers.

Taking a proactive approach to health and safety, saves lives, and BRIO Group can assist you in ensuring your Pool and Spa outlets are not a hazard to the users of the facilities.

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